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History begins with the first written records. 1900-1750: The Age of Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Abraham and Sara; Isaac and Rebecca; Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Joseph in Egypt and 400 years of enslavement.
Canaanite Age — 3200-1200 BCE
The footprint shape of the Gilgal  Inset: the ‘Tower of Witness’ Gal-Ad built by the two and a half tribes, Rubin, Gad and half of Menashe who are the ancestors of God’s people who live outside the Promised Land.
Gilgal is the perfect venue for worship
from 20 to 2000 participants.
Pnei El, Jordan and the Gilgal seen in the distant hills. In between is the Jordan River where the Israelites crossed.
The ancient
City of
Arad and
its altar
The well of Arad
Tel Dan
Temple of Jethro at Timna
facing from east to west
ne altar from Beersheva
The altar of
Beer Sheva