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Ancient Pathways with Moshe Bronstein bringing up the Truth of the Bible.
The passion of the Bible truth is beyond an historical account of the Land of Israel and its surrounding countries. The Bible is our birthright, our source of life, the Tree of Life, for all all who believe in the Lord God. Moshe Bronstein, a well known Israeli guide, an educator of Biblical history shares his extensive insights of the Old and New Testaments connecting the Bible texts to the Bible contexts. Moshe leads journeys through Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran through Samakand all the way to India following the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Moshe leads educational journeys through Turkey, Greece, Italy, France Spain, England and Ireland and all the way to the USA in the Footsteps of the Children of the God of Israel. Moshe Bronstein brings the written words of God alive.
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The 6th-7th century mosaic map is on the floor of St. George’s church at Madaba in Jordan. The Madaba map is the oldest Biblical map the Promised Land of the God of Israel. The map following Queen Helena and Constantine is an excellent starting point for teaching the Bible. In the middle of the map is the Dead Sea with two boats, one with white salt going north towards Jericho and the other with either gold or wheat going south towards Zohar- Sodom and Gomorrah. Below the Dead Sea is Jerusalem built as an oval walled city. To the south, Bethlehem with a single church with no walls or other buildings. Between the Bethlehem church and the Rama of Rachel appears the name Ephrata (in Judah) shown here as a reclining female giving birth. The site where Rachel gave birth to Ben-Oni-Benjamin and where Mary gave birth to Jesus.  
Moshe Bronstein points out details on the mosaic in St. George’s Chuch (right).
The City of Jerusalem
Byzantine period.
John the Baptist Church of the Apostles at Madaba 2nd cent. AD was originally a Synagogue and faces west like in the Jerusalem Temple.
The Patriarchs Moses The Temples House of David Greek/Roman Roman/Byzantine Crusader