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Bringing the Bible back to Life.
The Bible is an accurate historical account of the Land of Israel and the surrounding countries. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are all part of the bigger picture although Ancient Pathways Travel focuses on Israel from the Golan Heights in the north to Eilat in the south and Jordan.
Moshe Bronstein brings the Bible alive with his extensive insights of the Old and New Testaments. The area written about in the Bible is exceedingly small so it is not surprising that events happened at the same locations as previous ones. Click on the links to the different historical eras to get an insight although to there is no alternative to visiting the locations with explanations by Moshe Bronstein.
The location where Jacob buried Rachel is accurately stated
in the Book of Genesis.
The mosaic map (right) in a church in Madaba in Jordan (left) shows Bethlehem as a single church and Ephrata as a reclining pregnant female which possibly represents Rachel giving birth to Benjamin and Mary giving birth to Jesus.
The City of Jerusalem
Moshe Bronstein points out details on the mosaic
(Left): The story of  Balaam (Numbers 22:28) is written in ancient Hebrew on a clay tablet which can be viewed in the Amman museum