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From time immemorial, the Biblical trails of ancient pathways in the Holy Land have remained the same. The people of the Old and New Testaments walked the same trails. We will take you on the same Ancient Pathways where you will learn and understand how the Bible texts cannot be separated from the Bible context, the Holy Land of Israel.
Welcome to Ancient Pathways Travel
Walking the Bible educational tours with Moshe Bronstein are tailor made to suit every type and size of group that comes on a mission to Israel. The locations are off the beaten track and cover the times of the Patriarchs until today.
Walk the Bible. It is the mandate of Ancient Pathways.
At Ancient Pathways we have an extensive data bank of maps and images and accept commissions from writers and publishing houses.
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Two exclusive maps of the Holy Land from Ancient Pathways Travel. King David & King Solomon and the journeys of Jesus. Click on them to download a printable PDF file.
Jerusalem The North Dead Sea Dead Sea The Negev
Missions and groups
At Ancient Pathways we lead groups from 10 to over 1000 visitors and pilgrims to locations related to the Old and New Testaments.
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